Success stories and testimonials

Thank You video from Nyx Songbird

This is a thank you video I received from Nyx Songbird after she had taken my one on one online grant writing workshop. My One one online workshop is on now until Dec 2015. Im really happy to know that I was able to help her on her grant writing journey. you can view Songbirds music here at



Anouk Natalya Willy  (Artistic Director/ Couturier)


"I am a Fashion Art Director and Couturier based in Toronto and have found it challenging to further my education and experience due to the lack of resources in my home city. I have the fortuitous opportunity to meet Suritah Wignall outside a lovely vintage boutique in Toronto. Her zeal for life and her passion for her art were instantaneously gravitating and infectious. What astounded me most about her was her unyielding dedication to her craft and the sheer perseverance she applied to absorb and achieve everything that she set out to accomplish. In the development of our friendship she soon uncovered that she was able to sustain many of these opportunities through grants from the Canadian government. Having advised me about a few of them I ventured to look into the grants and apply for them myself, but was overwhelmed by the complexity and length of the requirements. Suritah soon created a grant workshop that proved to be the catalyst to a life altering experience that I would embark on. Her workshop was intimate, engaging and incredibly informative. She created an enriching environment that was both welcoming and profoundly fruitful. Suritah took the guess work out the grant process going through each and every grant scenario in Canada. She made us complete an exercise that forced us to flush out exactly what it is we wanted for ourselves, specifically breaking it down into what would be involved to achieve each step and what the final outcome would be for each scenario. Once this was done, we were better able to understand of where we fit in to the grant system and how to best handle and succeed in the process. She fully covered each section of the grant application, further enhancing the workshop by provided examples of the grant write up, budget write ups and contacts that one may need to fully take advantage of the application. It was not until I sat down to write my first grant that I realized how vital and truly seamless the process became due to the fact that I had taken the workshop. As a result, I was awarded my first grant through the Ontario Arts Council and am now fulfilling a life long dream that will change the course of my career. All this was due to Suritah's generosity, knowledge and the inspiration she continues to be to all of us that are aspiring to continue with our passions."


Belinda A.  (Artistic Director/Visual Artist)

"In Toronto the arts granting bodies offer annual grant writing workshops, which I have attended. What struck me particularly valuable in Surtiah's format was that it was a rare opportunity to walk through our own grant proposal ideas, develop them in real time, and access Suritah's expertise when we needed it- right away!. Suritah offered an excellent workshop from her vantage point as a practicing artist, an experienced and personable facilitator and an artist who has also served on granting juries during the selection process. As a facilitator she was engaged with all of our stories and questions and provided practical resources,suggestions and the generous offer of following up with participants on our grant-writing journey. An enriching experience that I would highly recommend."


Ania A.  (Singer/Song Writer)

"Suritah is a wealth of knowledge and has assisted me in my grant writing process with ease. Her gentle and effective facilitation calmed my fears of applying and now I can't stop writing applications! Thanks Suritah!"


Tabby J.  (Visual Artist)

"An eye opening demystifying experience. Suritah took time, care and respect to a new level of expertise. This is one workshop I would repeat just  to keep my chops up and answer more questions as I delve into the realm of other peoples money and how they want to share it"


Pamela M.  (Actor/ Playwright)

"Suritah Wignall is a colleague of mine. She has a successful history with granting organizations. I requested she try to give my self & whoever else a 1 time session to share her expertise. Suritah was very willing to assist and we had a great 2 hour session. She was also inspiring and very supportive of our individual ideas. I can certainly recommend she repeat these particular sessions for others. They will benefit.


Hector J.  (Playwright/ Actor/ Musician)

"so I just finished my online Skype workshop session; one on one - yup I feel important, with Suritah Wignall & it was fantastiC fantabuLous fun, this woman knows her stuff. Suritah worked hard and thoroughly for my specific needs, and delivered succinct information regarding my projects with ease & charm. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone wondering if you should. Suritah Wignall is an artist helping artists and for this, I'm grateful" love.light.peace.


Sarah E.  (Actor/ Playwright)

"When it comes to grant applications, Suritah knows what she's talking about. She was extremely helpful in navigating where to find the best possible grant and funding opportunities for the projects I am working on, and took extra care to ask the right kind of questions in order to facilitate the grant writing process. Most importantly, she was very inspiring! So often in the arts, we hear about the dread of grant writing, the pessimism that comes with it- it can make the task seem very daunting. Suritah not only helped by giving a greater understanding of the process, she also helped by being incredibly supportive and encouraging"


Sabrina M.  (Filmmaker/ Actor/ Playwright)

"Suritah's workshop was amazing. I was about to give up on grant writing for good, but she restored my faith in the process.  The handouts that she provided our group with were very helpful and she answered all of our questions with calm and professionalism. Just listening to Suritah describing her own ability to get the grants that she applied for was very inspiring.  In a nutshell, she shared with us how, with perseverance and  methodology, writing successful grant applications was achievable. Thanks to this workshop, I now understand more the importance of things like: writing an artist statement, reaching out to grant officers or testing audio-visual support material beforehand. I would recommend this workshop to any established artist who feels stuck during the grant writing process or to any emerging artist who wants to find out more about the do's and the don't's of grant writing before submitting an application".


Sasha A.  (Visual Artist)

"I would recommend any artist who is willing to learn the art of Grant writing to Suritah. This Woman knows her stuff, she was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with something that seems so overwhelming. she was clear concise and to the point. I would definitely work with her again".